• Automotive OEM Supplier

    This large facility could not achieve discharge targets with traditional hydroxide precipitation treatment. A TrueBlue™ 120 GPM system is now treating the water to trace levels, well below target limits.
  • Oilfield Pipe Fitting Supplier

    This large supplier sought a turnkey waste treatment solution. A TrueBlue™ 40 GPM System is removing metals, enabling full water reuse in a closed loop process.
  • Airplane Manufacturer

    Challenged in meeting discharge limits with standard waste treatment, a TrueBlue™ 20 GPM System replaced their old system and is delivering outstanding results.

TrueBlue™ Systems

Our Work

Purify your wastewater and enable full water recycling for significant overall cost savings. Our exclusive process utilizes unique chemical pretreatments combined with Sorbent MPZ™ Media, absorbing hazardous metals and contaminants from wastewater to near trace levels.

Six Areas of Cost Reductions:

    • Process Water
    • Wastewater Disposal
    • Sludge Hauling and Disposal
    • Chemical Treatment
    • Labor
    • Floor space
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Check out these representative case studies to see how we have helped many other companies like yours! We will work with you to create a system to fit your budget and needs.

Case Studies


“You and your team will benefit from unique technology that separates Atum from all other wastewater treatment technologies. Atum will help you achieve great results while making you a greener, more profitable company.”

-The Boeing Company