• Automotive OEM Supplier

    A large Automotive OEM Supplier established internal discharge targets that could not be achieved with traditional wastewater treatment. A TrueBlueTM 120 GPM was installed and is treating the water to trace levels at discharge.
  • Oilfield Pipe Fitting Supplier

    A large supplier of oilfield pipe fittings was in need of a Turnkey Waste Treatment System. They chose a TrueBlueTM 40 GPM System with full water reuse. This enables metals to be removed successfully from the process water and full recycling of water back to their process.
  • Airplane Manufacturer

    A maker of Airplanes had challenges meeting their discharge limits with standard waste treatment. A TrueBlueTM 20 GPM System was installed as a direct replacement for their old waste treatment system with outstanding results.
  • Food Manufacturer

    A food manufacturer needed a system to treat their effluent waste. The RO system allows reuse of water in their processes not involving food.

TrueBlue System

An innovative approach to treating wastewater that removes metals to trace levels while enabling full recycling of effluent water back into the process.
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